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Following my own advice about New Year’s resolutions

Measuring data can help you determine whether you’re reaching goals that you’ve set for yourself or your organization. No kidding, right? Then why have I never applied that to my own goal-setting for the new year? Honestly, I could Xerox … Continue reading

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How I know you’re full of it about ROI

I’m getting cranky about how some folks misuse the acronym ROI (Return on Investment) particularly with regard to the ROI of social media¬†and bloggers. ROI is a mathematical formula, with results usually expressed as a percentage. Nothing more, nothing less. … Continue reading

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Why are you on Facebook?

Everyone from a newbie travel blogger to an experienced destination marketing organization has confessed to me that the only thing they pay attention to on Facebook is how to get more followers and bigger numbers. When I ask what they … Continue reading

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