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Social media for tour operators

(Update March 2015 – we expanded on this topic in our latest Tourism Currents newsletter and blog post, Social Media Marketing for Group Tour Operators.) Some of the best advice we’ve gotten from the SOBCon business conference was to think … Continue reading

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8 social media books for beginners

Those who want to start learning about social media and online communications may be more comfortable jumping in with some help from books rather than blog posts, web-based tutorials or even simple video. If you’re new to all this, having … Continue reading

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Hotels and social media: a kick-start guide

It’s a logical question from busy hospitality professionals…. How in the world are they supposed to do all this “social media stuff” while also, you know, running a hotel or resort?! I asked this question of Andy Hayes, a tourism … Continue reading

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A social media strategy framework that anyone can use

I recently went against my own rules about working for free, but the result was winning a contest, connecting with a probable client and confirming in my own head that getting started with any organization’s social media strategy is actually … Continue reading

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