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I needed to set up a quick home for a book idea that I’m working on, The Elastic Waist Entrepreneur.

It started with this elegant sub-title: Starting a Business When You’re a Woman Over 40 Who is Fairly Clueless About Business.

Yeah, I know.  Needs work, right?

You would think that as much as I tweet in 140 characters, I could tighten up the concept a little.

Also, I’ve procrastinated so long, I’m now well over 50.

I want to be able to say that I “wrote the book” on starting a business for the first time as a midlife woman, without any experience and while terrified all of  a lot of  most of the time.

My claim to expertise is that I’ve done what is in the title (including a post-military career change) and I think I can help others with what I’ve learned.

Meantime, I’ve given my little pile of ideas a nickname – “Elastic Waist Entrepreneur” – because we older folks start dressing for comfort after a few years, and I do often wear elastic-waist yoga-ish pants (from Land’s End, in case you want some, too.)

A question I’ve already gotten….

Do I plan to expand the book’s scope to include information for younger people and men?

Nope; for now, I’m sticking with what I know best, through my own personal successes and failures as a new entrepreneur.

Does this sort of book sound good to you?

If so, I’ve put an email signup box at the bottom of this page, so that I can contact interested people with updates when I have something more than a vague outline in my head.

No worries about me spamming you with tons of bookish garbage….I’m not that organized on this project.

Yet. 🙂

Update:  There was such positive feedback about the elastic waist idea that I went off and bought the domain name  Nothing there yet, but at least I own it….

Update No. 2: Yes, now there’s a Facebook Page for older female entrepreneurs with elastic waist pants.

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