The best reason to shoot video

Ask yourself this question:  when is video content better for your objectives than anything else, including photos or text?

Answer  –  the best reason to shoot video is to show something interesting that wouldn’t be as powerful if shown any other way.

Here’s a 36 second example below from my own video archives….a bow-making machine at the Hallmark Visitor Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Even though it was one of my early efforts with a Flip camera, and even though my voice narration is fighting to be heard over the mechanical noises and the voice of a nearby tour guide (bad audio is the video click-away kiss of death) I still can’t think of anything besides video to really show how bows are made.

For some of the stories that you want to tell, video is more effective than any other medium. How can YOU use it?

Direct link to the video below on YouTube.

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2 Responses to The best reason to shoot video

  1. Andy Hayes | Travel Online Partners says:

    Ha – love it. Cheesy but a great example. And yeah, as you now know Sheila, there are so many ways to fix a not-so-great video file – and if you have to, pay someone to help you. Video conveys on so many levels that just plain ol’ text can’t.

  2. Sheila says:

    Thanks, Andy. Yes, now I know a bit about how to go back in and fiddle with an audio file, but doubt I’ll get around to re-doing this one. As you know, the best thing is to get the audio right the first time. Editing can be time-consuming enough without having to dive into that graphic equalizer audio editing zoo. Or, yes, you can hire someone.

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