A simple example of integrated marketing

Colorado River Trail card as integrated marketing example (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

So simple, so straightforward, but I don’t see it often enough.

Integrate your on- and off-line destination marketing efforts. Make sure that people can find you, wherever you have a presence.

This card is the brainchild of Sarah Page, a Texas Social Media Award 2011 nominee and the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) economic development expert.

The only change I’d make would be to add a QR code so that anyone with a smartphone could boot up links to any of the sites above.

But, I know Sarah is already thinking about that….in between True Blue Texas blog posts.

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6 Responses to A simple example of integrated marketing

  1. Trish Winter says:

    Great piece of marketing! You’re right, adding a QR code would be beneficial – especially if it linked to a mobile brochure or informational piece.

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  3. Sarah Page says:

    You are too good to me, woman! Thank you so much for including our rack card as a good example of integrated marketing. That really means a lot. We placed these in LCRA parks on the trail, as well as in all the chambers in the region. Our goal was to let travelers know – first and foremost – that they were on the Colorado River Trail. Then, we wanted to let them know how to stay in touch with us and find out about all the cool things to see and do in our area. It seems to be working okay so far.

    I LOVE the QR Code idea! We still have some stock to use up, but the next time we print these babies you can bet I’ll be adding that.

    Trish, we (LCRA) have a new-ish mobile site that would probably fit the bill for the QR Code link.

    Thanks again, Sheila!
    — Sarah
    Sarah Page´s last [post] ..To Experience or Collect That Is the Tourism Question

  4. Looks snazzy – nice job, Sarah! Work those channels!

    Good call on the QR code. I’d just have one and have a special mobile-friendly page with all the other links and pizazz. (After all, if I’m on my phone, I probably have a Twitter app, so I’ll follow you there, not via some QR code to a link to the site, login, blah blah blah…)
    Andy Hayes | Travel Online Partners´s last [post] ..You don’t want the Social Media Sale Bad Enough

  5. Hi Trish – thanks for visiting!

    Hi Sarah – I knew as soon as I saw that card that there was a blog post in there. 🙂

    Hi Andy – thanks for your input on QR and how you use mobile….

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