New travel blog: Chris Brogan launches Man on the Go

Becky McCray (my Tourism Currents business partner,) Chris Brogan and me at the SOBCon business conference in ChicagoI don’t normally write a post about the launch of a new travel blog, but this one is different because the author is different.

Chris Brogan is well-known and respected in tech and social media circles for his books, his speaking skills and his consulting work with New Marketing Labs, but he has just embarked on a new gig….

A travel blog called Man on the Go. (update – unfortunately now defunct.)

So what? you say.

So he travels a lot, and he writes and shoots videos about the places he goes, where he stays and the travel gear he uses.

The unique Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, for example.

So what? you say.

So he is also interested in how tourism organizations can connect with visitors using social media.

Here is an older blog post of his from a New Zealand trip – social media starter moves for tourism – which ties right into the social media training we do at Tourism Currents.

When a wired (and genuinely nice) guy like that starts a travel blog, you pay attention and connect. 🙂

Reach out and say hello if he’s in your town.

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  2. You’ve hit on exactly the parts that I think are interesting. You’re embedded in the travel space. You’re a pro who knows what people actually want to understand about their experiences. Me? I’m just fumbling around and having fun.

    But it’s the best way I could think of to show the serving suggestions I often talk about. It’s the magic way I could teach content makers how to turn business out of their passions, or make business from what was in front of them.

    It’s also a way to start showing how non-journalist reviewers see things, which will no doubt give the pro travel writers new insight into what’s changed from the better-written old days until now.

    Thanks for the post, and I hope you’re well. : )
    Chris Brogan…´s last [post] ..Be Clever- It’s More Fun

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

    You’re right; Man on the Go is a wonderful way to not only TALK about how wired people handle their travels, but also to SHOW folks in the hospitality industry how their customers can help publicize their businesses simply by doing standard geek stuff – blogging and shooting video.

    You put a well-known, respected face on the oft-feared anonymous “blogger” or “those people on TripAdvisor,” and that is really important for moving the whole industry forward.

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