Un-fry your brain with blog burnout remedies

This past Sunday evening’s #blogchat discussion on Twitter caught my eye – the topic was dealing with and avoiding blogger burnout.

You can get the full transcript of the tweets here Update: sorry, no longer available (great for giving people a sense of how an hour-long hashtagged topic-specific “talk” on Twitter can work) but here are a few of my favorite ideas from host @MackCollier‘s very helpful summary blog post about the chat:

**  Switch things up and try doing a podcast or video post – @mtlb

**  Bring in new bloggers or have others do guest posts – @eric_urbane

**  Try using an editorial calendar for your blog – @jdebberly

**  Keep a notebook with you to jot down post ideas – @lorieahuston

**  Check out your blog’s archives to see if you can find a new take –@amanda_pants

David Armano (@Armano on Twitter) said, “Ok, honestly, try really short posts to avoid burnout. Worked for me recently because it cut to chase.”

I like the suggestion to go super-short and to the point, almost tweet-ish, rather than the “standard” 300-500 word post.  I saw something similar in another tweet recently (can’t remember the source) which said that you need to quit trying to win a big ol’ Pulitzer Prize with every post. Just get a meaty thought up there and move on.

Short is OK.

For an obsessive rambler like me, that’s very helpful advice.

Here’s a handy resource that was tweeted during the chat:  10 things to do when you feel you have nothing to blog about.

When it comes to blogging, pay particular attention to suggestions for organizing your ideas.  I’ve found that when my thoughts are laid out in a list of possible posts or in an editorial calendar, my biggest problem is finding time to write about everything that interests me!

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  3. BLOGitse says:

    Glad to see so many comments about blogging! 🙂
    Especially I like short posts! I read/visit a lot of blogs daily.
    Because I want interaction it means I have to be active too – not only publish my post, sit and wait people to comment my blog.

    Blogging should not be only me, me, me…it should be interaction!

    Unfortunately there are many bloggers who think they’re the only ones.
    Many people write without breaks or columns so it’s really heavy to read even if the subject was interesting!

    Why not to publish more often but shorter posts?
    .-= BLOGitse´s last [post] ..The Khan el-Khalili bazaar, Cairo, Egypt part 2. =-.

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