Social media for tourism and destination marketing

Launch! (courtesy stevendepolo at Flickr CC)We did it.

Our Tourism Currents online learning community launched on September 9 – Becky McCray and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

We’re offering a newsletter, monthly training lessons, exclusive video interviews with experts in the social media and tourism fields, a member’s Forum plus live hour-long video Q&A sessions.

These are the organizations and people that we think would find our membership site particularly helpful:

  • Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus (CVBs)
  • Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)
  • State and city governments who do marketing and outreach related to tourism
  • Main Street, historic preservation, heritage trail and historic highway organizations
  • Parks, nature preserves, botanical gardens and other nature/outdoors-related attractions, including scenic byways
  • Public Relations professionals who do tourism work
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Those with niche focus like agritourism, culinary tourism, arts/culture, sports/adventure and educational travel
  • Festival and event planners
  • Attractions, museums, lodging etc. that depend upon tourist traffic

If you’d like to know more, go here to see if Tourism Currents is right for you.

Thanks for your support!

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