Facebook Pages need fewer Fans to get a custom URL


Thanks to Facebook expert Mari Smith’s Twitter stream, I learned this morning that the rules have changed for how many Fans you need on your tourism-related Facebook page to claim a custom/vanity URL.

The requirement used to be 100 Fans, but now you only need 25.

A custom, or vanity, Facebook Page URL is shorter, more focused and appealing and easier to remember for those who are looking for your destination or attraction on Facebook.

It’s certainly not a show-stopper if you don’t have one, but it’s a nice touch if you can get it looking more clean, personalized and consistent across your various social media sites (thanks again for the tip, Mari!)

To claim your customized Page URL for both personal and business Pages, go to this link:  http://facebook.com/username.

Since I’m seeing more Facebook Fan pages like this one from Wyoming and Austin’s historic Lammes Candies Since 1885, Inc, I thought I’d better step up and get this tip out there to you quickly….

Go get that URL!

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4 Responses to Facebook Pages need fewer Fans to get a custom URL

  1. Thanks for this Sheila! Great info.

    • Sure, Darren, happy to help. I used the info myself to get a URL for the Freelance Austin Facebook Page; we have 78 fans but we aren’t a big group and I didn’t see us passing the 100 fan mark very soon, so this was a helpful change for us.

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  3. Reta Dachs says:

    arrgh, I don’t really like facebook, but I can agree with you anyway 😉

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