One week out from launch – I had to talk!

After a quick Tourism Currents pre-launch meeting with my business partner Becky McCray….

….and did I mention that she’s a BusinessWeek Top 20 Entrepreneur to follow on Twitter? Well, she is!

….and don’t you know it makes her crazy when I do this kind of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” off-topic diversion….

Anyway, we arranged a one-night planning session in Dallas, meeting roughly halfway between our homes in Oklahoma and Texas (because you can only do so much organizing even with regular video Skype calls.)  On the drive back to my house, I was so pumped up about the great learning material that we’re developing to combine tourism marketing and social Web tools, I just HAD to talk about it.

(Update – the Utterli service mentioned below is now defunct, so I’ve un-linked from it)

I used Utterli and my cell phone to call in an audio post (that I can embed in a blog post, as I’ve done here) from the parking lot of a Taco Bell in Waco, Texas.

Because I know how to live it up!

(If you can’t see the audio player box below, here’s the URL directly to the recording.)

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2 Responses to One week out from launch – I had to talk!

  1. Andy Hayes says:

    Good luck with the launch Sheila – sounds like it’s all going pretty well.

    And am loving the Utterli thing – very cool!

    • Hi Andy,

      I should do those more often; you just call it in and you’re done. If you want to auto-post it to a blog or Twitter, you can, but I prefer to title, tag & briefly describe it first, then upload.

      Posterous has something similar but I haven’t tried it….initial research indicates that it doesn’t make a neat embeddable player like Utterli does. It makes a downloadable file or you can listen on the Posterous site, but I’d rather have readers click and play right there on my site.

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