Bloggers hit the Pacific Business News front page

Pacific Business News front page featuring the HTA blogger's tourI’ve just returned from a 10-day “fam tour” (familiarization tour,  sometimes called a press trip) to the Hawaiian Islands with a diverse group of bloggers who were sponsored by the state’s Hawaii Tourism Authority and organized by Cilantro Media.

Our trip made the front page of the Pacific Business News, and in the fight for the legitimacy of bloggers and wired writers/photographers/videographers as information sources, that’s kind of a big deal.

More thoughts to follow, but the bottom line is that I see our “So Much More Hawaii” tour as a breakthrough in the use of social media for tourism and travel organizations.

It shows that bloggers can provide legitimate insights into a destination.

We can also reach an audience that might not be swayed by glossy brochures, advertorials in newspapers that we don’t read or TV ads on programs that we don’t watch (because we watch TV on instead.)

Seems a little strange that economic desperation is largely driving this interest in social media, but we’ll take what we can get.

Just So You Know Disclaimer:  The state Hawaii Tourism Authority through Cilantro Media paid my way to Hawaii for the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour, and also paid most of my expenses while I was there.

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8 Responses to Bloggers hit the Pacific Business News front page

  1. A Maui Blog says:

    Yey! It’s about time we get serious about Social Media here on Hawaii (especially Maui 🙂 – Thank you for all your help in promoting our beautiful islands 🙂

  2. Thanks A Maui Blog (and mahalo for being one of our local blogger hosts in the islands!) Happy to promote things that I believe in….

  3. Curious says:

    Just wondering how much they paid you to write about Hawaii. Maybe I should become a travel blogger too.

  4. Curious says:

    I guess it seems a bit like trolling, but I was initally curious. I have since checked with some of the other bloggers who agreed to take part in that tour, and don’t see the disclaimer that at least you were honest enough to post (haven’t checked them all).

    Please keep in mind that any of your writing about Hawaii is now tainted by the ethical issue that accepting a large up-front payout brings with it. Unfortunately, having taken the lucre, short of returning the cost of the trip, you’re stuck with it. No need to answer my question, I can look up airfares and estimate hotels and meals myself I suppose. Would a New York Times travel writer agree to take such a trip? I don’t think so.

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